LongGood Get Social Enterprise Grant from DBS Foundation 2016


LongGood is proud to announce that we are grantee of DBS Foundation, the social enterprise grand program. a product originated from benevolence are going to expand to south east Asia for benefit more people. and a telerehabilitation solution is going to overturn the difficult situation that medical resource are in-balanced distributed.

Here comes the covering letter from DBS Foundation:

“With the Social Enterprise Grant Programme, DBS Foundation is happy to encourage innovation by social enterprises to meet complex social needs, such as access to health and health education, employment generation for marginalised, environment protection and waste management solutions, responsible education and literacy, creating rural livelihoods, innovative technologies for social impact and so on.

The Grant Programme enables social enterprises to develop their prototype into a working model, improve existing processes or add critical capabilities to achieve sustainability, or scale up their existing business that leads to greater social impact. Grant awardees join an esteemed community of social enterprises whom DBS Foundation supports to ignite possibilities for a truly inclusive Asia."



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