Seeking a Pioneer in Telemedicine

Long Good is seeking partnership with you! As a telemedicine company based in Taiwan, we develop a novel motor-sensing technology and professional training program designed by physiotherapists. Our product, the PAPAMAMA system, is an interesting and effective rehabilitation training that can be performed easily at home.


Our next step is to attend Horizon 2020, an innovation program with nearly €80 billion of funding in Europe. No matter you are a distributor, a researcher, or an healthcare organization, if you are interested in developing products or business in telemedicine, please contact us ( or leave your details in the botton of this page:

We will reply to you soon.

Please refer to the following linkage and information to realize more about Horizon 2020 and PAPAMAMA system:

Horizon 2020:

Introduction of PAPAMAMA:


Concept and device of PAPAMAMA system:

Our device can transfer the data from the house to cloud platform, letting the therapists to monitor and do analysis.


User interface of PAPAMAMA:

Coordination training (Taichi):



Upper limb training (Airplane):



Lower limb training (Kung Fu Soccer):




Cognition training (Baseball):



Personalized Adjustment based on patients’ condition:



Data presented by PAPAMAMA:



Reach your desire! 最新款遊戲「Reaching」發表會!

1908年,福特T型車(Model T)初次問世,這款被稱為「世紀汽車」的車款除了在製造上首次採用流水裝配線大規模製造為人津津樂道,另一重要的象徵為平價的價格,使汽車得以走入中產階級。


福特T型車(Model T)







舉例來說,以腦中風病人初期上肢訓練來說,因初期患側肢體呈現無力或軟癱現象、負責動作控制的腦部仍在回復中,因此在訓練初期會採取較簡單的單一動作或動作模式來協助病人重新建立動作模式(Movement pattern)。



另外,在協助病人建立動作模式上,較常使用的動作模式源自PNF(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation,又稱「本體感覺神經肌肉誘發術」),在遊戲的過程中,沿著設計的路徑碰觸磚塊,自簡單的動作模式訓練起,而Reaching目前已內建完整的PNF動作模式提供治療師們直接使用歐~


The Japanese government is scheduled to sponse nursing care robot up to 3M yen!


To reduce the burden of care staff, more care robot that has been attracting attention as a tool for the more easily care also who care parties amount is also introduced to give up hard … and if there is interest from that expensive There may be many.

As part of the happy support measures to such care officials, it has been scheduled business by the government every year to support the dissemination of nursing care robot in supplementary budget business to issue at this time. The budgeted has been proposed as the fiscal 2015 supplementary budget, two of the “watch support equipment introduction promotion business utilizing the nursing robot or the like", “care workers burden care robot introduction promotion business that will contribute to the reduction of" said.

In the “long-term care workers care robot introduction promotion business contribute to the burden of", 20 yen more than the amount of nursing care robot when it is introduced into such long-term care establishments, 1 subsidy of up to 3 million yen per facility and offices is scheduled to be delivered to the medical assistance and moving support, and it is to reduce the burden on care staff improve the efficiency of such watch support, it is expected to lead to resolving the shortage.

In addition, the equipment, such as nursing care robot that supports the watch of home care life elderly people in the “support equipment introduction promotion business watch utilizing the nursing robot, etc.", of up to ¥ 100,000 per device when the municipality is to introduce It is scheduled to auxiliary.

Never not cheap care robot. Those establishments that amount of money has been a neck and but want the introduction, and why not try to effective use?