Telerehabilitation new milestones in Taiwan

There exists an important issue that medical resource inequality distributed in most country. So does it in Taiwan. Only a matured society will spend more resource in this issue, who  seeking for a fundamental human right owned by each individual.

Hosted by Digital Minister of Taiwan Government, Audrey Tang(LinkedIn), participants from government, hospital, and industry meetup to figure how to solve this new issue in Taiwan.


Information from this slide shows that how severity the condition of resource maldistributed is in Taiwan. The red area is located in east Taiwan, which is generally regarded as remote area, where owns limited clinical resource, while highly correlated to stroke prevalence.



LongGood Meditech has been fully focused this issue for a long period of time via providing a telerehabilitation solution. We found it is challenge to go to patient individual directly since the payment and new tech adoption issue. Therefore, we move backward, cooperated with regional hospital, and care inpatient with LongGood’s virtual physiotherapist firstly. It is proved to increase physiotherapist’s effecency. Also, the caregiver equipped with LongGood’s virtual physiotherapist, achieve similar rehab result done as the one done by physiotherapist.


Here, we proposed a sandbox solution.   The treatment taken from caregivers who use LongGood’s solution, covered by disable insurance same as the one done by a traveling physiotherapist. This sandbox proposal is initiated and restricted in those remote area at county level.


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