There is no longer a need to go to the hospital for rehabilitation, use this interactive system at home to easily carry out rehabilitation programs

Since its inception, LongGood has been deeply engaged in working in the field of telerehabilitation and is now about to introduce this rehabilitation solution to the market. We are very much looking forward to seeing the results of telerehabilitation in the near future, as this innovative service model is not only very convenient, but it will also benefit society and the advancement of medical care. It allows products and services, which used to be restricted to hospitals, to be used directly at home for rehabilitation exercises and training through the use of technology. We are confident that the telehealth movement will continue to grow and is ready to achieve historic milestones this year with the development of an enhanced product portfolio.

In an era of ever-changing technology, systems and applications, as well as evolving medical environments, our company has always kept pace with the times and been a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Now, in response to the market trend and in the midst of a crisis that has created a highly volatile environment, we have developed a mini-portable system. It is based on the core concept of telehealth, combining motion analysis technology and cloud platform services to provide users with a series of training activities and synthesized evaluation reports. These are then sent back to the database of the hospital or organization center, enabling medical staff or caregivers to efficiently and accurately see the health or functional activity status of the user based on statistical data and trend records. They can then adjust the training content and implementation plan depending on the progress of the patient and the degree of recovery.

In addition, members of the public can take home lightweight telehealth tools to use there, or perform interactive training activities at other community centers, just as they would have done in hospital. This is promoting the patients’ health and maintaining the correct level of rehabilitation intensity, this is especially important in avoiding interruptions in rehabilitation programs and services due to the impact of the pandemic.

Of course, for hospitals and institutional centers, providing telehealth or health promotion training services in a one-to-many mode, and automating the analysis and output of the results and reports, is very beneficial to improving work efficiency and reducing the potential cost of human care and one-to-one personal therapy visits. The analysis data displayed in the reports can also be used to track the execution of the activities of the patient in detail and evaluate whether the movement training is really being effective in achieving the desired goals such as changes in limb movement, joint mobility, muscle endurance and other areas. In the future, it is even planned to be able to replay the animation function of the limb skeleton, using a virtual reality model, to facilitate the complete restoration of the quality of movement patterns and a visualization of all the control techniques. LongGood is at the “advanced deployment" stage in terms of both technology and application and can integrate the developed software system into a single small device, so that the target group can take it home, and continue to use it to engage in basic training. We are currently working with our partners and are very excited to see and share the results of our telehealth products this year!

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