Taiwan Tele-technology Aided Rehabilitation in Stroke


the Virtual Reality Training Games based rehabilitation system emerged as a potential valid tool for rehabilitation doctors and physiotherapist. The rehabilitation including training of upper and lower limbs, balance and cognition. Combing motion-sensoring technology video games. and cloud platform, the system can help patients complete rehabilitation with fun and let institutes to lower burden of human resource vis vers cost. Through the workshop, participants can know about the application of technology, evaluate benefits compared with traditional training, and learn to use it in clinical works. For those who are interested in developing customized games, they can get basic insights of coding and initiating projects for game design.

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Dr. Shih-Ching Chen(陳適卿, web) Vice president of Taipei Medical University

Mr. Ray Chen(陳誌睿, web) Bio-engineer, Founder of LongGood LTD

Mr. Ferrall Chen(陳量寬), Physiotherapist, Product Manager at LongGood LTD





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