Seeking a Pioneer in Telemedicine

Long Good is seeking partnership with you! As a telemedicine company based in Taiwan, we develop a novel motor-sensing technology and professional training program designed by physiotherapists. Our product, the PAPAMAMA system, is an interesting and effective rehabilitation training that can be performed easily at home.


Our next step is to attend Horizon 2020, an innovation program with nearly €80 billion of funding in Europe. No matter you are a distributor, a researcher, or an healthcare organization, if you are interested in developing products or business in telemedicine, please contact us ( or leave your details in the botton of this page:

We will reply to you soon.

Please refer to the following linkage and information to realize more about Horizon 2020 and PAPAMAMA system:

Horizon 2020:

Introduction of PAPAMAMA:


Concept and device of PAPAMAMA system:

Our device can transfer the data from the house to cloud platform, letting the therapists to monitor and do analysis.


User interface of PAPAMAMA:

Coordination training (Taichi):



Upper limb training (Airplane):



Lower limb training (Kung Fu Soccer):




Cognition training (Baseball):



Personalized Adjustment based on patients’ condition:



Data presented by PAPAMAMA:



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