The Japanese government is scheduled to sponse nursing care robot up to 3M yen!


To reduce the burden of care staff, more care robot that has been attracting attention as a tool for the more easily care also who care parties amount is also introduced to give up hard … and if there is interest from that expensive There may be many.

As part of the happy support measures to such care officials, it has been scheduled business by the government every year to support the dissemination of nursing care robot in supplementary budget business to issue at this time. The budgeted has been proposed as the fiscal 2015 supplementary budget, two of the “watch support equipment introduction promotion business utilizing the nursing robot or the like", “care workers burden care robot introduction promotion business that will contribute to the reduction of" said.

In the “long-term care workers care robot introduction promotion business contribute to the burden of", 20 yen more than the amount of nursing care robot when it is introduced into such long-term care establishments, 1 subsidy of up to 3 million yen per facility and offices is scheduled to be delivered to the medical assistance and moving support, and it is to reduce the burden on care staff improve the efficiency of such watch support, it is expected to lead to resolving the shortage.

In addition, the equipment, such as nursing care robot that supports the watch of home care life elderly people in the “support equipment introduction promotion business watch utilizing the nursing robot, etc.", of up to ¥ 100,000 per device when the municipality is to introduce It is scheduled to auxiliary.

Never not cheap care robot. Those establishments that amount of money has been a neck and but want the introduction, and why not try to effective use?


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